About Us

Since 1993, American Enviro-Tech has been providing outstanding technical solutions to public and private sectors offering a comprehensive range of environmental, engineering, storage tank compliance and cathodic protection services. We assist our clients with maintaining regulatory compliance while preserving their investments.

Our licensed and experienced professional team of scientists, engineers, geologists, environmental consultants, regulatory specialists, corrosion specialists and technicians address client objectives utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach, resulting in effective and thorough deliverable's.

Past experiences with our clients have been the foundation of our success. Over 75 percent of the projects we manage are for repeat clients who have confidence in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations. We hope our ability to provide quality service continues to add value to client projects as we develop and maintain lasting relationships.

Environmental Compliance

Complete menu of wastewater treatment services, including professional certified operation, maintenance, laboratory analysis, facility upgrades.

Engineering Service

Engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) solution with a focus on services that span the upstream, midstream and downstream markets in energy.

Due Diligence & Surveys

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Environmental testing, Property Condition Assessments, and Asbestos Surveys in support of commercial real estate transactions.

Industrial Hygiene

Chemical exposure assessments to determine if engineering controls, administrative controls or personal protective equipment are required to reduce employee exposures.


Despite our relatively short working history as a company, based on the rich practical, innovative and technical skills of our engineers and also our strong adherence and dedication to customer satisfaction, we have managed a long list of successful works during this period


Sales growth


Repeat Clients


More employees every next year